The 12th application Deadline date : End of January, 2016
Currently recruiting for new designations for “Forest Therapy” and “Forest Therapy Road”. Please see the application form for details. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail.

We conduct the physiology and psychology experiments in order to authorize the “Forest Therapy” and “Forest Therapy Road”. As a result, we have discovered that a body relaxes physiologically at various authorized locations. We perform experiments at both forest and urban environments at the same time and measure responses such as heart rate, variability, and the blood pressure of participants. Using the collected integrated data, we provide evidence of the forest effect on the human beings scientifically.

Forest Therapy Base and Road Authorization Process

2016 The end of Jan Application deadline 

Feb to Mar First screening (document review )

Apr Notification date for the first screening results

Apr to May Sign contract for the field physiological and psychology experiment 

May to Jun Field work(preliminary inspection of area)

Jul to Oct Conduct the field physiological and psychology experiment 
2017 Feb to Mar Notification date for the field physiological and psychology experiment 
  Feb to Mar Second screening (selection based on the result of field physiological and psychology experiment)
  The end of Mar Notification date for authorized location announcement 

Criteria for Forest Therapy and Forest Therapy Road

Natural and Social Condition Criteria 
Gratify the Five Senses
Sensible evaluation
Richness of nature
No harmful pollutants
Maintenance and protection of natural environment 
Environment and Facility

Management of setting of “Forest Therapy Road”
Management of facility near forest
Rest area, experience-based facilitation and disability friendly 
Safety management system and medical institutions  
Access and Geographical Condition Set target visitors or locals reflecting regional condition
Accessibility for visitors with private car
Parking lot

Accommodation Condition Criteria
Management system for maintenance
The promotion system of the administrative organization 
Explicitly stated forest facilities management and appreciate operation 
Local residents corporation system
Forest Therapy Menu

Policy on menu regarding Forest Therapy 
Menu identified specifically when in field
Menu for covering accommodation
Menu for covering health and med
Support from Local Residents

Service provider system 
Convenience of one- stop shopping for information
Placement of Forest Therapy Guide 
Future Vision, Sustainability and Expandability
Future plans, short-term (1 to 3 years) and long-term (more than 5 years)
Sustainability and expand-ability of promotion system
IPR such as advertisement methods 
Next leaders training as a part of expand-ability plan 
Sales Point Attractiveness of Forest Therapy proposal utilizing the local features 

About Physiological and Psychological Experiments

Physiological and Psychological Experimental Schedule

The experiment will take place for two days during the weekdays between July and September when the climate is mild. When it rains, the schedule will be postponed; hence, please allot 3 days for the experiments.

Experiment Location

For the experiment location , please set it in two places, one is in the forest and another is in an urban environment. For each of the experimental locations (forest and urban) , please set a waiting area for visitors( conference room , mountain cottage etc)

Experiential Contents

Experiential contents are the same for both forest and urban environments. We mainly conduct experiments in below( Experiential contents are subject to change)

Physiological Measurement Item Psychological Measurement Items (Subjective Evaluation)

 1.(HRV)Heart rate variability (HRV)
 2.Blood pressure, pulse rate
By analyzing the fluctuation of the heart rate , the autonomic nervous activity are measured and divided into①Parasympathetic nerve activity (aggravates when relaxed)②Sympathetic nerve activity (aggravates when stressed)③Systolic blood pressure④Diastolic blood pressure⑤Heartrate⑥Pulse rate.
Blood pressure and pulse rate increases at stress.

1.Examination for mood profile (POMS)
 2.SD method (evaluate the impression of the forest)
 3.Evaluation of the stress level
 4.Evaluation of the relaxing level

Required Documentation for Applicants

pdfFY 2016: Certification Requirements for Forest Therapy Base and Therapy Road(English)

All the documents are only available in Japanese.

Forest Therapy Base
XLS Forest Therapy Base Application

XLS Forest Therapy Base Application
XLS Physiology Psychology Experiment Record

Therapy Road
XLS Therapy Road Application
(Form 1)
XLS Physiology Psychology Experiment Record
(Form 3)

pdf Evaluation Criteria for Forest Therapy Base and Therapy Road