About a registered trademark

The“Forest Therapy“ is the generic term for a new total approach to make use of the comfort enhancement effect of the forest and its healing effect for health maintenance and enhancement based on medical evidences. With the intention for higher awareness of “Forest Therapy” and contributions to the health enhancement of nations, by making “Forest Therapy” ,“Forest Therapist” and “Therapy Road” as registered trademark, we promote (1)Source indication (provider protection), (2) guarantee of quality (consumer protection) (3) Effective dissemination.

When one is using “Forest Therapy” ,“Forest Therapist” or “Therapy Road” term and logomark, with understanding of responsibility, it ensures the adequacy of product quality and indication of source. By inducing product and service choices reflective of people who are interested in health maintenance and enhancement, it will also promote public welfare. Also, for the purpose of forest maintenance and rural development, we have established authorized criteria that manages the product quality, and indication of source.

For the usage of term, “Forest Therapy”, “Forest Therapist” or “Therapy Road”, please contact us by E-mail.