History of “Forest Therapy”

society01_pho03.jpgForest Therapy Society Organizational Meeting in March 30, 2004In the spring of 2004, in order to scientifically elucidate the “Healing” effect of the forest and conduct advance research for utilization methods, a“Forest Therapy Study Group” was launched with a corporation of companies , medical schools, research institutes etc. Also in 2004, as a national project, “Elucidation of the Effects of Forests on Functions of the Human Body” was launched.
In addition, since 2005, “The Forest Therapy Comprehensive Project” was launched to promote, develop and support the result of the above study to apply it in practical use.

Specifically below are four projects that were started:
a.Certify “Forest Therapy Base”and “Forest Therapy Road”
b.Raise awareness and publicity of the refreshing and therapeutic effects of the forest
c.Examine and construct the promotion system of “Forest Therapy”
d.Examine and construct the human resources personnel training system of “Forest Therapy”

The practice of “Forest Therapy”

By the spring of 2008, 31“Forest Therapy Base” and 4 “Therapy Road” were certified across Japan. “Forest Therapy Study Group“ has changed its name to what is now known as the “Specified nonprofit corporation , Forest Therapy Society”.
With collaboration and advice from the“Forest Therapy Society”, “Forest Therapy Base Country Network Meeting”, “Forestry Agency” ,”Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Germany)” and “The Japanese Society of Forest Medicine” , a new forest therapy promotion group was organized and took over “The Forest Therapy Comprehensive Project”and they have been conducting various projects.